What I Believe


As of May 13, 2014…

I believe that mankind is good. Far more good than evil.

I believe that life is enduring.

I believe that everything moves forward and on and on.

I believe that help is possible.

I believe that everyone gets another chance.

I believe that friendship and creativity are the real rewards of life.

I believe that there is always a solution.

I believe anyone can do better, especially me.

I believe that, tough as it is, it’s all eventually going to work out right.

I believe that life is never-ending, (which is the good AND the bad news.)

And I believe that people are motivated by a desire to create a positive effect on others.

I believe that playing is sometimes very honorable.

I believe laughter is one of the best sounds in the universe.

I believe that the arts are a great way to learn about the true and timeless things of life.

I believe that, despite appearances to the contrary, it’s always better to be nice.

I believe that everybody is capable of being useful to mankind, and when they figure out how to do it, and get busy at it, they will feel much better about themselves and life.

I’m generally pretty skeptical. Over the years I’ve believed quite a few things that turned out not to be true. But these are a few of the things that have stood the test of time and that I really do believe.

How ’bout you?

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  1. Beautiful. Every word. I was trying to find your amazing drawings and I found your blog. Things always happen for some reason and I was needing to read this. By the way, I do believe. Thanks for shareing out.

  2. It is wonderful to believe those things and much joy comes from it. To those who don’t believe any of those things,I have compassion – they are creating their own unhappiness and darkness in life. But many share your beliefs, and they are a joy to talk with as I ride the bus to work each morning. Thank you as always for sharing!

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