The Day Before THE DAY


So, what did I do on my “day off” before I go on TV tomorrow night on America’s Got Talent at Radio City?

After a brief, somewhat perfunctory hair appointment, I had lunch with my very old friend from elementary school, Coleman Gregory, and we had a good New York kibitz in a diner on Madison.  Who comes walking by but another (younger) old friend, Benjamin Welch.  That’s a typical New York thing; I had just been wondering what random friend I was going to run into.  Check!

Then I walked up Park Avenue thru Grand Central Station, which looks marvelous, very clean and spiffy, and arrived shortly at the Waldorf Astoria hotel, where my mom was having tea in the lobby, having just arrived on a plane from Atlanta.

She is here to support me, and I’m delighted that she came out.  It’s heaven to have such a generous and supportive, loving mom.  If someone ever offers you one, don’t hesitate.

Tamra arrives in a little while, so I had to clean up my room, get some flowers…  I had also set up a temporary sound recording studio in the room, making creative use of the hotel pillows, cushions and ironing board, so that had to go:


Now I’m going to go over my act a little bit more, tomorrow is THE DAY, so I have to be much more than ready, I figure I have to really be beyond ready, especially if I want to win and take home the Golden Fruitcake, or whatever the prize of this show is.

I guess this is as good a time as any to thank you for reading and for being interested, and if you vote and tell your friends to watch the show and vote, too, I will be much in your debt.  If I have to pawn the Golden Fruitcake to pay you all for your trouble I think I can manage that.

So, you may not hear from me tomorrow on this channel, but you WILL hear from me on NBC, tomorrow night, 9 pm East and West coast, and 8 pm in the middle of this great land of ours.


Thanks again!


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  1. Okay Jim. We are all rooting for you!

  2. LOVE the soundbooth! You leave nothing to chance and will do well!!
    Go Jim!

  3. Looking forward to it! You mom looks wonderful, so great that she can be there to support you!!!

  4. Great following you on this adventure Jim!! You’re gonna kill it as always and we’re here for you all the way!!

  5. Go for it Jim !!!!!!!!

    Loïc & Atalia

  6. Congrats! Great set & best wishes for success!

  7. Hey, so I am watching AGT with my mom, and she instantly recognizes you. Why? She dated a family friend Chris Harlan, and her name at the time was Tami Jenkins (they met via the ABC Page program). You’d probably (sorry this was a looooooong time ago) remember meeting her in San Diego (she thinks you were in a play that both Chris and her attended. This was followed by a party at your mom’s house on Coronado island). Small world. You’re a super funny guy and thought you’d appreciate a blast from the past. Cheers man


    • Well, I do know Chris, but there are some unrecognizable elements in that secondhand memory, but its nice to hear from you!
      Maybe it was another play, another location, but who cares? Tell her hi from me and I invite you both to visit my YouTube channel at

      • For sure man, you got a unique talent so I will gladly do so.-Derek

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