You might wonder, what the heck takes so long that you have to be in New York City an entire week prior to the broadcast of America’s Got Talent?

Well, it’s a BIG show.  I’m just a tiny, tiny part of it, but on the night all elements have to come together and work like a well-oiled machine.  So, it’s nice to leave a lot of time, and frankly, I’m happy that I have had five days to re-acclimatize myself to the pace and energy of this city.  Nothing against Los Angeles, but compared to a New York minute, LA’s is still rooting thru the drawers in the kitchen looking for the stopwatch.

Tomorrow will be my first day of actually walking on the stage at Radio City to block and rehearse my bit with the crew.  I expect it will be somewhat sobering, if not paralyzing. Once again, I’m glad I’m here early enough to be defibrillated in plenty of time for Tuesday’s show.

I’m now preparing by doing some research, watching YouTube videos of the great celebrities I will be paying tribute to in my set.  God, I love YouTube.  You can really see the span of a great performer’s life, and get an intimate sense of who they have been over the years.  It makes me love them all the more.

I do better impressions when I love the actor, I find.  They have something to teach me, and I’m grateful to be in their presence, even if only on my laptop.

So, tonight I prepare to bring my various beingnesses to the stage, and tomorrow, I get to find out what it feels like to actually stand where generations of Rockettes have stood, tapped, and, in that wonderful Toy Soldier dance, fallen backwards in a long line.

I’ll let you know tomorrow what it feels like.

Thanks for reading.

America’s Got Talent, this Tuesday, August 6 (Holy CRAP– that’s three days from now!) on NBC at 9/8 central.



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  1. Decompress, do what you do, and have FAITH in yourself. Jim, you’ve not only GOT this, but DESERVE it. We’re all on your side. I mean, what’s NOT to LOVE?

    Rock the house my friend. Rock the house.


  2. Jenna Elfman said it best. I was ready to run screaming out of the building prior to doing a one man ditty. I normally have decent command over groups but this night I was a basket case. Jenna notices that I’m so rattled I’m probably not going to even make it to my intro. She comes over and says, “They’re here to see you, not the other way around. They are yours to do with as you please.” It took a second for the gravity of her words to reach deep enough to crush that little bastard we call stage fright. But it did. I performed to a standing ovation. What simple wisdom, from a little angel. I’ll never forget that. I think that little morsel of smarts will work for 10 or 10 million.

  3. You’re a winner Jim

    • Thanks, Tony!

  4. YOU Will do Great, BECAUSE YOU ARE GREAT!
    Enjoy your delivery as We watch you and cheer you on and smile that You, of all beings, made it up there!
    I am excited to know that you will be a part of America’s Got Talent!

  5. We’re all out here (somewhere) rooting for you! Go Y-O-U!

  6. What a BLAST to entertain the world… you’re the best and the world will finally be able to acknowledge that!

    With much aloha, from the Islands ~ Sakura

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