Preparing for the Flames?



Okay, the countdown to my leaving for New York City has truly started; I will be on a plane this coming Tuesday.  My 90 seconds of fame, give or take a few, will then be a week later on Tuesday, August 6th, then the “judgement episode” follows on Wednesday.

I watched the first group of twelve terrific acts as they performed, got critiqued, and then returned the following night to hear what the voting population determined their fate would be.  There were some surprises among the predictable results, nothing too unfair.  Any contest of this sort will ultimately fall far short of any “fairness” yardstick; talent is not quantifiable, after all.

I did notice that I’m going to have to practice standing there for up to 30 seconds while waiting for Nick Cannon to reveal which performer is going to move up in the rankings and who will be going home… that’s a long time to be on the hook!  Man!

I’m not going to lie, it makes me a tad nervous to watch AGT, especially since I am heading directly into the vortex of it all.But my main purpose has not been to win a million dollars, it’s to bring my best performance in front of the broadest audience, in order to delight and uplift people.  The chance to do that on a grand scale is worth all the inconvenience and discomfort of being a fish in a fishbowl, waiting to hear whether I’ll get to go back into the pond or yanked out and slapped on the grill.

So, when you see me on Tuesday, August 6th on NBC for America’s Got Talent, that will be my goal.  And with luck, I’ll get at least TWO chances to entertain you with my JIMPRESSIONS.


Thanks for reading.

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  1. Break a leg Jim, I will be voting for you

  2. Jim, since I first started virtually conversing with you nearly 10 years ago, I’ve always known that you’re a stellar talent. I’ve always wished that more people were aware of you. Now they will be. When I look at shows like AGT, I always think “what is there to like about an act…what is there to NOT like about an act.” Frankly, based on everything I’ve seen you do, I can’t imagine anyone NOT liking what you do. You’re funny, inventive, and disarming.

    I haven’t seen many of the other acts (in rehearsals for “Shrek The Musical” at the moment, and it’s chewing up a lot of time), but what I’ve seen is really good. You do what you do, and know that people are gonna love you.

    No fear. No worries.

    All my best to you, Jim.


    • Thanks a lot, Andy! Those are very kind words and they mean the world to me.

  3. Jim, I know you’re just going to have a blast. We sure will get one hell of a kick tuning in and watching. Anything from here on are cherries on top. The hard part was showing up in the first place 🙂

  4. Keep the blog posts coming, Jim. Even vicariously, this will be a fun ride.

    And you’re very welcome!


  5. Looking forward to seeing you on the grill!
    Have a great time. We’ll be cheering you on from LA

  6. Sometimes they like a sobs story or rags to riches tale but I much rather the one you just told here. It shows so much more.

  7. You will do great. Nick really does leave you on the hook for awhile and I can’t imagine how nerve racking that must be. I will be watching and voting for you. Either way – performing in Radio City Music Hall – WOW!! You rock.

  8. I will surely be voting for you Jim! Break a leg- we’ll be watching from the Tampa/CW area!!

  9. Jim , You have our attention and our total intention for you to win and get the extreme acknowledgement for your talent that you have deserved for many years. Much love….

  10. You have a lot of fans…and rightly so! I’m honored to know you and to have been the recipient of many hearty, belly laughs with your humor, wit and sheer talent! I’m super-excited to watch you perform on AGT and will be sure to enlist a fan club to watch and to VOTE! What can I say…You had me at “tic-tac”, many moons ago! Go Get ‘Em Jim!

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