Ready or Not, America’s Got Meskimen


Okay, so NOW it is officially permitted that I say that I will indeed be traveling to New York city soon to participate in the “Quarterfinals” of America’s Got Talent, Season 8!

This has been a long and mostly secret process, until very recently when shows began to air on NBC that had at least some of my first, Los Angeles audition.

That audition was remarkable, in that it went so well!  The judges were very generous and even enthusiastic and the audience went crazy, to be honest.  I was at that point still kind of unaware of what I was getting into; I didn’t have any real clear idea what other acts were auditioning, what the stage was like… it was a very fast “Be there tomorrow” kind of call, and I didn’t even know enough to be nervous.  Nice!

By the time my audition in Vegas rolled around, I was a little more prepared, and, although not nervous, I was “invested” in the game a lot more.  I mean, I kind of HAD to be, since I drove out to Las Vegas by myself, telling none but my family where I was going or why (top secret!) and not really knowing what I would be doing there for three whole days!

Once again, the judges were very generous, but… they did have me and my talented co-contestant (co-defendant?) Angela Hoover, who is also in the show in the “Impressionist/comedian” category, twisting on the hook a little while before they revealed that, yes, we would both be heading on to Radio City Music Hall to compete.

I then had to wait about another month before I could tell anyone that, since the show hadn’t aired yet, but I was busy anyway, performing in Australia at the Adelaide Cabaret Festival on the invitation of artistic director, Kate Ceberano.

I’m most excited about the fact that, whatever happens next, I will get to perform LIVE for America’s Got Talent on the vast stage at Radio City Music Hall, where last time I was there, I was up in the third mezzanine with my family watching The Rockettes do their unbelievable Holiday Extravaganza.

I’m afraid I don’t yet know if I am allowed to say when I’ll be there, and I also just plain don’t know if you can get tickets if you live in NYC.  I’ll try and chase that up.

I’ll tell you all I can, just as soon as I can.  If I can’t tell you, I’ll just look coy and stay tacit.

So, please watch and if they ask you to vote for my act, please know that I will appreciate it very much.

America’s Got Talent airs on NBC on Tuesdays at 9/8 Central.


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  1. The last time I was invested in an act on AGT, it was “Fighting Gravity”, the group that hails from Virginia Tech. You had better believe that I’ll be on your side just as much Jim.

    Do what you do. I can’t imagine anyone NOT liking what you do.

    Go for it!

  2. …will vote early and often!

    Go Jim!

  3. Yay! Can’t wait!
    S. Reich

  4. From national improv in NYC to radio city music hall…that’s the way to go Jim…well done…you’ve got our votes!!!
    Diane & Steve and family!!!!

  5. Voting for the Best Ever Impressionist! Jim Ross Meskimen is the Man!
    We’re all Super Excited for you Jim! Clearwater Florida and all of my friends will be VOTING for you! Go Get ‘Em! ♥

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